Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 5 with some yummy stuff

So I am going to attach a list here of all the things available, I was hoping to do it this week, but apparently I am just not that computer savvy. So hopefully I will figure out how to link everything up by next week, as always you may mix and match from the previous weeks, and this weeks treat for a full week order is a Carmel covered popcorn and preztel mix.

Mon - Grilled Honey Butter Shrimp Tacos w/chipotle aioli sauce. The shrimp will come ready to cook as it only takes 3 minutes with all the cooking and drizzling sauces preparred.

Tues - Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Mashed Potatoes - Stuffed with breadcrumbs and cheese then bakes in a tomato sauce. Comes ready to be baked

Wed - Tomato Basil pasta with sausage. Meat sauce cooked and ready to be heated, you just have to cook the attached penne pasta

Thur - Crispy Coconut Chicken strips w/ steamed broccoli. chicken is cut and ready to be dipped in the coconut mixture, broccoli comes in a ready to steam microwavable bag

Friday - Mini Meatball Soup - please request beef or chicken this soup comes with all of the meatballs precooked and reasy to drop in, the soup base with ditalini, carrots, and onions, This soup can also be requested pre-made as just a heat and eat.

Sat - Dumplings or gyozas in beef, chicken, or pork with sticky rice. These are made fresh and come ready to steam with all of the instructions. If you would like to precook your rice at home in a rice cooker we highly recommend it and can be requested either way.

Sun - Spicy Garlic Chicken Pizza. Exactly as it sounds, this chicken pizza is not too spicy, just super yummy, chicken comes precooked and everything else is prepped and ready to top your pizza then its ready to bake.

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