Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 3 Starts with French Dip Subs

This weeks goodie for a full week order is a pan of homemade apple crisp, ready to bake or microwave. If you missed something from a previous week or want to order it again, you can custom mix and match from any of the items from any week.

Mon - French Dip Subs. Homeade buns with shredded soft pork marinated in the au ju. Comes with provolone cheese and fresh au ju dipping sauce and a bag of chips.

Tues - Oriental Chicken Salad - Romaine lettuce toppped with grilled chicken, sliced almonds, green onions, topped with a homemade sesame flavored dressing. For those in the family that won't eat a big salad, please specify and their lettuce can be exchanged for easy quesadillas, this salad is also great served as a wrap.

Wed - Baked Ziti. Homebaked ziti ready to warm and serve in the oven, made with hamburger and a yummy blend of italian cheeses. Also comes with a ready to steam bag of broccoli.

Thurs - Black Bean Soup. Exactly as it sounds, its a little spicy but in a good way. Is not made with cream as with most soups so its a little nicer to your waistline. Comes with sour cream that can be mixed in for a more creamy texture if you prefer. Also comes with a mexican cheese blend for the top and crunchy totrtilla strips and homemade rolls for the side. Chicken can be added to this soup upon request, but trust me you won't miss it.

Fri - Green Sauce Enchiladas. Made with flour tortillas, chicken and cheese blend, rolled inside and out in a homemade green sauce and then topped with mozzarella cheese. Everything in it is precooked, just needs to be baked and served.

Sat - Breakfast for Dinner. Breakfast burritos for dinner, filled with sausage, garlic and onions, homemade salsa, and eggs,and cheese, no potato fillers. Serving Size is 2 burritos. If you have small children you can save the extras as a frozen burrito ready for a quick breakfast another day.

Sun - Pot Roast. A nice sunday pot roast with a mushroom onion gravy sauce with mashed potatoes and a can of green beans. For those who are not mushroom lovers, don't worry my husband hates mushrooms and he loves this recipe, so trust me its good. Precooked, ready to heat and eat.

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